Who we are

It all started when I purchased my own watch. I just wanted the watch to work as a beautiful bracelet, not just a sport item since I wear it all day long. I was looking and looking….nowhere to be found! They were just all the same everyhere.
As an artful person and crafts professional I started to design and make them on my on, enjoying while getting more and more ideas on the way. Eventually, getting so much great feedback about them I decided to make these for everybody.
Nature, joyful colours and creativeness are close to my heart, and I strongly believe these bands bring this for you to enjoy too. Opru watchbands for Apple Watches are all handmade and designed in Finland in a one person craftsy workshop. Finland is the the country of all possible seasons. If they work here, they work anywhere☁️❄️💧☀️⚡️💜!

Ringa S - Designer & founder of Opru