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OPRU® Steamie Watson Steampunk watchband bracelet for Apple Watch

OPRU® Steamie Watson Steampunk watchband bracelet for Apple Watch

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Lovely old-timey wool mixture, herringbone and metal details. It´s the brown cosy version for all the steam punk geekies out there! It comes with cute mini pocket watch charm, decorative detacheable chain and pearl details. Available in all connector colors, but we absolutely recommend gold with this. The actual watch itself is not included to the price of course.

Match it with other charms of your choice, there are many possibilities to tweak this into your own!

You will also get a barcode along with your order for a watchface matching your bracelet perfectly

Material: Wool-acryle-polyester mix
Color: Brown-beige herringbone
Watch connectors: Rose gold, black, silver, gold

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None of the metals or beads in OPRU® watchbands or charms are genuine, the material is zinc alloy, acryle, brass or ABS plastic

Watches or other products on the product photos are not included in the purchase.

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